United Prayer

Sunday, 5th December, 7 pm we had our first United Prayer Night for Ireland here in the NAZ. In spite of the wintery weather conditions the turnout was really encouraging, but even more encouraging was the atmosphere of love and unity in the meeting. I had asked all the pastors form the different Christian Churches in Greystones to put some prayer points in writing and introduce the respective sessions from the front, which they did. (Two pastors couldn’t attend due to other commitments). We started the meeting off with some reflective worship songs and focusing on the character of God. Then we took time to pray for the Spiritual Situation of Ireland, Ireland’s Churches and Parachurch-Organizations, Ireland’s Political and Economical Situation, and our local Situation in Greystones. I believe that united prayer is something that gives joy to the heart of God. It certainly was a great encouragement to me.

Whenever my three sons do something in unity and harmony it always warms my heart. (I am not telling you how often that occurs in our house). Moreover, if they are in harmony and agreement with each other and they come to me with a shared request – this request usually has an irresistible force to it. I love to give good things to my children, because I love them. But a request that comes from all three of them in unison gives me a real thrill – it is FUN to give in to that kind of asking. – In the same way God, our heavenly Father, loves to answer our prayers when we come to him individually. But when Christians from different Churches and Denominations lay aside their differences and unite in prayer – that is a special delight to our heavenly Father. That’s why I think this evening was delightful not only for us but also for our heavenly Father. And I hope that we will continue, in some way or another, to display that kind of Christian unity in our Community of Greystones. “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in Unity (…) For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.” (Psalm 133)

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