Who is on the throne of your life?

After the morning service on Sunday a person walked up to me and shared an impression that she felt God had given her: The church (our church) had removed Jesus from his rightful position on the throne of authority in the past, but it is now moving towards enthroning him again as the rightful Lord and Saviour. This message was meant to encourage me to keep going in the direction we are moving at the moment. I received it gratefully and stored it away in the back of my mind.

Monday Morning I went to the Teen Challenge Centre in Tiglin to share God’s word with the men there. During worship, prior to my speaking, we sang the song “Place in my heart a passion for Jesus.” As I sang along I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me of the message about the throne that I had received the day before: In my mind’s eye I saw a throne , but there was nobody on it. It was an empty throne. It was as if Jesus was asking me: “Who are you placing on the throne of your life? Who is this all about? Who is running your life? Who is getting the glory?” – And in the background the song was going: “Place in my heart a passion for Jesus, a hunger that seizes my passion for you. My one desire, my greatest possession, my only confession, my passion for you…” Memories of very strong passionate moments from the past flooded my consciousness, when I had promised to Jesus to live only for him, to serve him, to love him above all else. I definitely meant it then. It was very strong and very real. “Is it still as real today?” – Jesus seemed to be asking. “Is it still about me, or is it about getting a job done, about running a church, about making an impression on others, about earning praise and recognition?”

It is so easy for me to lose the passion for Jesus, to remove him from the throne and to put other things or my own ego back there again. That’s why I am deeply grateful for such moments of introspection when the Holy Spirit gets my full attention and asks these probing questions. I left Tiglin that morning with a deep yearning for intimacy with Jesus and and a renewed sense of determination to have Jesus, and only Jesus, on the throne of my life. How about you? What is your life about? Who is on the throne of your life? – Just a question…

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