Until then…

The last garment has no pockets, the last home is a simple wooden box, the last carriage moves very slowly, and at the end there is only a small patch of earth. The hands are folded, nothing doing. The eyes are closed, nothing left to see. The mouth is speechless. Deadly silence.

Until then – carpe diem – pluck the day! Let every day be a treasure. Hold on to that what is alive and let go of dead things. Take time for people and don’t take things too seriously. Perform every work like a worship service and let every meal be like a devotion. Take words literally and treat people humanely. Turn every encounter into a little feast and every love into a new wedding celebration.

Cast your worries unto Jesus, and don’t cast away your trust in Jesus. Let every breath be like a prayer and every prayer like a deep breath of your soul. Take advantage of every opportunity to cause joy, to have joy, to call forth joy. Take suffering quite seriously and, if possible, share it with others. Don’t get angry at people, but take joy in God and his goodness. Ask for his full forgiveness for every single one of your sins. At the end God has a new garment, and an eternal home, and a new heaven, and a new earth for you. Your hands will stretch out towards him, your eyes will see him face to face, and your mouth will be opened to eternal praise. Until then – keep your love for life!

Source: Axel Kuehner, “Hoffen wir das Beste”, Neukirchen-Vluyn, 1997 (P. 85-86) My translation


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