Kid’s Camp and Family Fun Day Wonderful Success

It was a very busy week at the Naz, especially for those involved in running the Cookery and Craft’s camp. From Monday to Friday some 30 to 50 children were flocking towards the church at 2:30 pm each day, where they enjoyed a great time of playing games, preparing yummy dishes, doing different sorts of crafts, singing songs and listening to bible stories. Every day they were given a bible verse to memorize and quite a few of them were able to recite all four verses on Friday, which qualified them to receive a special price. A dedicated team of helpers led by Betty Stevenson welcomed them each day at the doors, helped them with the cooking and crafting and played with them. On Saturday it all culminated into the Family Fun Day. Most of the kids who attended the camp brought their parents with them, many more families from the neighborhood came, so from 3-5 there was a great buzz in the church. The bouncy castle was put up inside, as were all the other game stalls. While the kids were enjoying the games and competitions, some of the parents could relax in a corner and have a cup of tea and a nice chat. It was by far the best Family Fun Day that I have experienced in that church (which doesn’t mean much as I have been around only for three years). I am very thankful for the great team of helpers that made all this possible and I thank God for the wonderful weather, the great atmosphere and the protection from injuries and accidents.

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