Barnabas Team Commissioning Service 7 pm at the NAZ this Sunday (02.10.20011)

Every year a team of volunteers from Ireland called the “Barnabas Team” head out to Africa to spend 2 weeks serving God by serving the local communities there. Organized by the Ireland-based organization “Fields of Life” and led by David Stevenson, a member of the Nazarene Community Church Greystones, these teams are involved in “hands-on” mission work. The men of the team are usually involved in construction work of a building, while the women conduct sowing classes for the local women, do children’s work and look after the daily needs of the team. This year’s team is about to embark on their journey on Sunday, 9th of October. At 7 pm this coming Sunday there will be a commissioning service at our church. Team Members from all across Ireland will be gathering to share testimonies and receive a word of commission as well as the prayers of the congregation. Come along and be inspired by the testimonies of some of the members and by the preaching of the Word of God.

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