Continuing the series on the Life and Character of Jesus

This Sunday I plan to pick up the series on the Life and Character of Jesus where I left it before the little break we had for Paul Dempsey and the DCM. I will conclude the section on the self-perception of Jesus, showing that he had a three-fold understanding of himself as the promised messiah: He was the promised anointed prophet (Luke 4, 14-21), we looked at that one on the 12th of February. He also was the anointed suffering servant with a priestly calling, sacrificing his own life for humanity (which we looked at on the 19th of February). This Sunday we are going to look at him as the promised anointed King, ushering in the kingdom of God and promising to come back in the clouds as the Eternal King who will be the judge of heaven and earth. Look forward to seeing some of those who read this on Sunday!

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