United Prayer Night starting to take off

Last Sunday Evening we met for another United Prayer Night in our church at 7 pm. We have set apart the first Sunday Evening Service of each month to prayer and worship, calling all Christians in Greytones and its vicinity to seek God’s face together. So far attendance has been very low. Still I feel a great burden for united prayer across denominational boundaries. This last meeting now was really different. A significant number of guys from the Tiglin Teen Challenge Center joined us as well as the pastors of the Community Church and the Presbyterian Church and we had a great time of Prayer and Worship together. I believe that God wants to move in our community and in this country. And the preparation for a greater move of God has always been sincere prayer on behalf of his people. So please come and join in at one of the next occasions if you are a Christian living somewhere near Greystones. The next United Prayer Night is scheduled for the 1st of April, 7 pm in our church.

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