Prerequisite for Pentecost – a Call to Repentance

In my last post I wrote about my firm conviction that a new Pentecost is the greatest need of the Christian Church today. We need to experience the Coming of God upon us in power. Only a mighty move of God similar to that recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 2, can stop the tide of evil that is sweeping our Nation and tormenting our churches.

Let’s face it – the Christian Church in Ireland is in a tragic state of decline. The scandals in the Catholic Church that have been revealed in recent years have damaged the reputation of the Christian Faith beyond repair. Secularism has been rampant. People turning their back on anything that smells like church. The evangelical Churches have been struggling with divisions, church splits and internal quarrels. Just a simple example from Greystones may suffice to illustrate what I mean: While the overall population of Greystones has grown by over 50% during the last decade, the church attendance in the evangelical churches has remained on the same level, with only very insignificant growth in numbers. We Evangelicals would be ill-advised to point our fingers at the Catholic Church and wash our hands of any guilt. It is very obvious: We are under God’s judgment, and we all need to repent.

God has been dealing with me personally on that topic – convicting me of my own sin during the past few weeks. He always seems to start with the leadership. That is how revival starts – with repentance of God’s people. When God’s people start to repent and turn away from their sins, their idols, their lukewarmness, their egotistical pursuits and seek God again with all their hearts, then God has promised to hear their cries for mercy and power and restore them again. The prerequisite for a new Pentecost is – a thorough, Holy Spirit-led move of repentance and brokenness among the people of God. May he send it to all of us!

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