God’s Trumpet Call to His Church

What a wonderful time we had with Dr. Tony Stone this past weekend. God has used him to speak into our lives. The sermons are online now for all to listen to. I was particularly encouraged by the fact that his preaching was in line with what God has been doing in our Church during the past months. God is calling our church. And as Tony has put it in his Morning Sermon so well, it is a trumpet call to Prayer, a trumpet call to Faith, a trumpet call to Holiness and a lifestyle that is distinctly different from the world around us. I was encouraged by the response from our people. There is a hunger for the reality of God among us and a readiness to heed the call and act on it. May God continue to stir us and help us to be obedient to his promptings – may his Name be glorified, may His Kingdom come and His will be done in and through our church.

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