Christmas at the Naz

Today my youngest son said to me: “Dad, I wish it was already Christmas. I can’t wait to give you my present. You’ll love it.” Wow, I thought, he is more excited about giving than about receiving. That’s really great – the true spirit of Christmas. Unfortunately he has to wait another 5 days as I am writing this, and so do I. In the meantime there are some really nice events to attend to in the Naz:

Saturday, 21st of December, 3:30 pm – Christmas Party for Parents and Toddlers

Sunday, 22nd of December, 10:30 am – Morning Service at the 4th of Advent with the Sermon focusing on Josef.

Sunday, 22nd of December, 5 pm – CAROL SERVICE and mince pies and refreshments afterwards

Christmas Day – 10:30 am – Christmas Day Family Service

On St. Steven’s day my family and I are leaving for Germany to visit family and friends. We’ll be back on the 2nd of January 2014. I wish all the readers of this website a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a happy and truly fulfilled and successful New Year 2014.

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