Re-Encounter Jesus – First Week of March

In the first week of March we are looking forward to a series of meetings that we called “Re-Encounter Jesus“. There is power in extended meetings like these, when we put aside the worries and concerns of our daily lives and come together to focus on Jesus and what he wants to do in our lives and in our church. The week will start with the Sunday Morning Service on 2nd of March, where Rev. Philip McAllister from Carrickfergus will be preaching. Philip is Superintendent of the Nazarene Church in the British Isles North District, a powerful preacher and a great man of God. On Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, and Friday 7th, Rev. Richard Porter from Belfast will be preaching. Richard is associate pastor in Megain Nazarene Church Belfast and lecturer at the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Manchester. Richard has a great heart for God and his kingdom and a passion for revival. Come to these meetings, meet Jesus again and be inspired to follow him ever closer.

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