The next two Sundays (3rd and 11th of May) I will be teaching on the subject of Tithing. In his little book with the title “The Gift of Giving” author R.T. Kendall makes the following statements and observations: “I doubt that there is a more threatening subject than that of tithing. That which touches our wallets and purses taps a very sensitive nerve. Frank M. Hubbard sums it up rather bluntly: “When a fellow says, ‘It ain’t the money but the principle of tithing‘, it’s the money.” Voltaire went so far as to say, “When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.” Was Voltaire right? I hope not. And yet it is strange how uneasy we feel when the matter of giving emerges. Many of us, however, would prefer to speak of giving than of tithing. Talk of giving makes us nervous but the idea of tithing  arouses feelings of hostility in us. Our immediate reaction is often to dismiss it as either “bringing in the law” or, at least, the classic example of a minister who has “quit preaching and gone to meddling”… Nevertheless it is an important part of God’s word that needs to be taught and explained. So come and listen and be inspired or challenged or both.

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