Our Mission

Our mission and also the mission of our denomination is to make Christ like disciples. We have spelled this mission out for our Church in the following terms:

It is our desire to cooperate with Jesus, the Nazarene, in his ongoing mission of SEEKING and SAVING peolpe who are far from God, and SCHOOLING and SENDING those who were saved by the grace of God, thus SERVING God and people passionately with our gifts and talents.

Seek – engage with people who are far from God, seek to befriend them and show God’s love to them in every possible way, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Save – prayerfully and gently help our friends to find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through repentance and faith

School – teach every believer how to grow in their faith and become mature in every aspect of the Christian Life

Send – help every believer to hear God’s call on their lives and send them out on their personal mission to cooperate with the Nazarene

Servelive a life of service to God and to People adopting the attitude of Jesus, who washed his disciples’ feet and gave his life as a sacrifice for our redemption.


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