Our Purpose

As part of the worldwide Church of the Nazarene we share the purpose and values of our Denomination. That means that we seek to be a Christian Church, a Missional Church and a Holiness Church. (For a more detailed description log on to www.nazarene.org). However, in order to spell out the thumbprint of our local congregation, we have come up with the following purpose statement and core values that describe the kind of local church we seek to be.

As a community we seek to:

  • worship God in authentic ways (John 4, 23)
  • welcome others to discover a personal relationship with Jesus
  • grow in ourĀ faith (Matthew 28, 19+20)
  • provide support and care for each other and those around us
    (Galatians 6, 2+9+10)
  • encourage people to develop their gifts and serve God with passion
    (1 Peter 4, 10)

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