Meet the Shepherd of your Soul Series

We’re in a Sermon Series on Psalm 23 here at the Naz. Right at the beginning of the Year we want to focus on God’s character and his love and care for human beings. Last Sunday’s Sermon was on the first two verses: “God in Christ – the source of security, serenity and satisfaction”. Unfortunately the recording didn’t work. So anyone who missed it and would be interested in the sermon notes, just give me a shout and I can make them available to you. This Sunday’s topic will be: “God in Christ – Restorer and Guide”, focusing on Verse 3 of the Psalm.

Refreshed by Prayer

How did the week of Prayer affect me? It was certainly a challenge for me to attend all the additional meetings, to go to church as early as 6:15 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and to attend the evening meetings on Tuesday and Thursday. The men’s prayer breakfast on Saturday at 8:30 was a real treat at the end of the week. But God has definitely met me this week and the extra effort has been well worth it. There is a renewed sense of joy, peace and satisfaction in God. A renewed sense of security and confidence in the leading of the Holy Spirit. And a sense of anticipation for good things to come this year. God is good, he is great, he is AWESOME.