Week of Prayer at the Naz

As the children go back to school and life takes up its normal pace we decided to set aside a whole week for prayer, right at the beginning of the New Year. We want to seek the Lord and ask for his guidance and help in every aspect of our individual lives and the life of our fellowship. With that we acknowledge that we desperately need him. Jesus said: “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15,5). So it makes perfect sense to focus on HIM and invite him into every situation, every planned activity and every decision that we will be facing down the road.

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When a Nation Prays

Early in December I got an email from a pastor in Dublin, inviting me to join a prayer rally on New Year’s day. In this email Pastor Kevin Fitzgerald from Crosspoint Church asked, if I would consider summoning our Church to meet from 2-4 pm to pray for Irelad on January 1st. ¬†Attached was a video clip with a talk from Dr. Edwin Orr that was originally delivered at a National Prayer Congress in the United States.

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